Announcing Arcadia CEO Transition

Jul 17, 2020

Kamish Rehmatulla, alongside Rasikh Morani & Ivan Nava, co-founded Arcadia in November 2017. Kamish Rehmatulla acted as Arcadia CEO throughout the operations of Arcadia from November 2017 to July 2020, and has announced his exit from Arcadia

Arcadia started as a marketing services operation in June of 2017, During Kamish Rehmatulla’s leadership, Arcadia transitioned into a software development operation in early 2018, servicing primarily utility tokens developing peripheral assets.

Under Kamish’s leadership, Arcadia moved to a significantly deeper operation, focusing on more technical aspects of blockchain development inducing working with privacy protocols, network architecture, and scaling solutions. Arcadia’s sales processes evolved under Kamish, with multiple of Arcadia’s initial clients being introduced under his management.

Arcadia continues to operate under Rasikh Morani, Kamish wishes for the best of success and looks forward to our newest product the Arcadia Wallet.

Rasikh is well versed in the technical aspects of blockchain, consistently present in the modern industry, and will drive forth the newer milestones of success.

As Kamish says farewell to Arcadia he moves on to delve deeper into ventures in the financial service and software industry in the arena of hospitality and retail. Acadia will continue to be creative and serve its customers with industry-leading technologies. We wish Kamish Rehmatulla the best of luck in his new endeavors!