Announcing Arcadia’s Prioritized Waitlist

Nov 1, 2020

It is no secret that in current markets, security firms in the industry are contending with massive waitlists and backlogs for blockchain security services, from code reviews to incidence response planning.

As a means to combat that and to ensure prioritization of projects that will have a lasting factor beyond the average lifespan of a DeFi project (~3 weeks) as well as provide some sort of incrementation in growth to the industry, Arcadia is instituting a prioritized waitlist to help alleviate wait times.

This waitlist will be based on specific factors such as (but not limited to):

  • Project Innovation

  • Project Risk Level (to Users and to Themselves)

  • Project Client Fit

As a means to ensure that we are not only servicing new customers but also assisting in the growth of longstanding clients, partners, and projects we support, we will be providing priority (and scaling discounts) on our waitlists to projects who

  • Who are utilizing client technologies such as StakedXZC (Firo)

  • Utilize Decentralized Web3 Technology such as Pokt.Network

Interested in getting audited, building an incidence response plan, or launching your next project? Fill out our new contact form today!