End of Engagement Summary: DAPS Project

Dec 13, 2019

Arcadia is pleased to announce the successful completion of our engagement with the DAPS Project.

While working with DAPS, we have accomplished a great deal including:

  • Bringing Proof of Audit (POA) to life from the initial side-chain concept to the real working hybrid chain implementation. Proof of Audit is a decentralized canary system for identifying inflation attacks on-chain.

  • Implementation of Stealth Addresses upon a PIVX codebase

  • Implementation of a custom Ring Signature and Bulletproof setup

  • Implementation of a CPU-based POA Miner built atop a Scrypt CPUMiner

  • Successful Implementation of a fairer SeeSaw rewards system

  • Successful Implementation of a private Beta Test System with Licensing

  • With the initially unplanned addition of customized time-constrained, device-specific software licensing requirements for the private beta tests across all three major OS platforms, which would cross-compile via existing continuous integration tools.

  • Completion of Multisignature Wallets

  • With effective round-leader based multisignature transaction creation and announcement

  • A workable plan for effective P2P communication for multisignature transaction data sharing pre-signing

  • Scaling Account-based HD Mints & Working BIP39 Hardened Mnemonics

  • A homogeneous design style implemented for both QT and Explorer with a color pallet available for future software designs & UI mockups.

  • Functional Local QT-Level 2FA for Wallet Files

  • Effective Offline Transaction Module for a Third Party Exchange allowing for offline handling of UTXOs and decoy sets

  • A locally-running stealth transaction reveal form on the Block Explorer

  • Provable Masternodes on a RingCT & Bulletproof based chain

  • A scalable multi-server load balancer with URL routing for the Block Explorer

We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.